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San Marcos Youth Soccer
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San Marcos, CA 92079
Tel: 760-621-0650
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Boys - U12

B-U5 B-U6 B-U7 B-U8 B-U10 B-U12 B-U14
G-U5 G-U6 G-U7 G-U8 G-U10 G-U12 G-U14
Team W L T Games Pts G.A.
1 Union 5   3 8 18 11
3 Rapids 4 1 3 8 15 21
5 Sounders 5 3   8 15 29
2 Timbers 3 1 4 8 13 18
4 Red Bulls 2 5 1 8 7 33
6 Galaxy 2 5 1 8 7 36
7 Dynamo   6 2 8 2 39
Date Div Field Time Home Score Visitor Score
25-Aug u12B u12 9:30 AM Galaxy 5 Sounders 6
25-Aug u12B u12 11:00 AM Red Bulls 4 Union 4
25-Aug u12B u12 3:30 PM Timbers 4 Rapids 4
8-Sep u12B u12 9:30 AM Timbers 3 Dynamo 3
8-Sep u12B u12 11:00 AM Sounders 3 Rapids 2
8-Sep u12B u12 3:30 PM Union 3 Galaxy 0
13-Sep u12B u14 6:00 PM Dynamo 3 Red Bulls 8
15-Sep u12B u12 8:00 AM Rapids 2 Union 2
20-Sep u12B u14 6:00 PM Sounders 3 Rapids 6
22-Sep u12B u12 9:30 AM Rapids 5 Galaxy 3
22-Sep u12B u12 11:00 AM Union 1 Timbers 1
22-Sep u12B u12 2:00 PM Dynamo 1 Red Bulls 5
27-Sep u12B u14 6:00 PM Timbers 4 Dynamo 0
29-Sep u12B u12 8:00 AM Red Bulls 1 Sounders 2
29-Sep u12B u12 11:00 AM Dynamo 1 Union 2
29-Sep u12B u12 2:00 PM Galaxy 5 Timbers 5
4-Oct u12B u14 5:30 PM Union 7 Galaxy 2
6-Oct u12B u12 8:00 AM Dynamo 5 Galaxy 10
6-Oct u12B u12 12:30 PM Timbers 5 Sounders 0
6-Oct u12B u12 2:00 PM Red Bulls 2 Rapids 8
9-Oct u12B u14 6:00 PM Galaxy 4 Red Bulls 2
13-Oct u12B u12 8:00 AM Red Bulls 3 Timbers 6
13-Oct u12B u12 9:30 AM Rapids 3 Dynamo 3
13-Oct u12B u12 2:00 PM Sounders 0 Union 5
18-Oct u12B u14 6:00 PM Sounders 4 Dynamo 3
20-Oct u12B u12 9:30 AM Galaxy 2 Sounders 3
20-Oct u12B u12 11:00 AM Rapids 2 Timbers 1
20-Oct u12B u12 3:30 PM Union 5 Red Bulls 1

Girls - U14

B-U5 B-U6 B-U7 B-U8 B-U10 B-U12 B-U14
G-U5 G-U6 G-U7 G-U8 G-U10 G-U12 G-U14
Team W L T Games Pts G.A.
1 Storm 6 1   7 18 5
2 Fever 5 1 1 7 16 7
3 Mercury 3 1 3 7 12 10
4 Liberty 2 4 1 7 7 22
5 Sparks   4 3 7 3 29
6 Shock   5 2 7 2 22
Date Div Field Time Home Score Visitor Score
25-Aug u14G u14 9:40 AM Fever 3 Shock 1
25-Aug u14G u14 1:00 PM Sparks 2 Mercury 2
25-Aug u14G u14 2:40 PM Liberty 0 Storm 7
8-Sep u14G u14 8:00 AM Shock 1 Liberty 4
8-Sep u14G u14 1:00 PM Storm 5 Mercury 1
8-Sep u14G u14 4:20 PM Fever 9 Sparks 1
15-Sep u14G u14 9:40 AM Mercury 1 Liberty 1
22-Sep u14G u14 9:40 AM Storm 5 Sparks 1
22-Sep u14G u14 2:40 PM Liberty 1 Fever 5
22-Sep u14G u14 6:00 PM Mercury 3 Shock 0
27-Sep u14G u14 6:45 PM Sparks 3 Shock 3
29-Sep u14G u14 11:20 AM Sparks 1 Liberty 4
29-Sep u14G u14 1:00 PM Shock 0 Storm 4
29-Sep u14G u14 4:20 PM Fever 1 Mercury 1
4-Oct u14G u14 6:45 PM Storm 1 Fever 2
6-Oct u14G u14 2:40 PM Storm 3 Liberty 0
6-Oct u14G u14 4:20 PM Shock 0 Fever 3
6-Oct u14G u14 6:00 PM Mercury 4 Sparks 0
20-Oct u14G u14 9:40 AM Shock 2 Sparks 2
20-Oct u14G u14 1:00 PM Fever 1 Storm 2
20-Oct u14G u14 4:20 PM Liberty 1 Mercury 4

Boys - U14

B-U5 B-U6 B-U7 B-U8 B-U10 B-U12 B-U14
G-U5 G-U6 G-U7 G-U8 G-U10 G-U12 G-U14
Team W L T Games Pts G.A.
1 WIZARDS 5 1 1 7 16 11
2 CELTICS 5 1 1 7 16 15
3 HEAT 1 3 3 7 6 15
4 LAKERS 1 3 3 7 6 24
5 CLIPPERS 1 6   7 3 35
Date Div Field Time Home Team Score Away Team Score
25-Aug u14B u14 8:00 AM Clippers 0 Heat 5
25-Aug u14B u14 11:20 AM Lakers 3 Wizards 3
25-Aug u14B u14 4:20 PM Celtics 5 Vista Red 2
8-Sep u14B u14 9:40 AM Heat 3 Lakers 3
8-Sep u14B u14 2:40 PM Wizards 6 Celtics 1
8-Sep u14B u14 6:00 PM Clippers 0 Fallbrook R 5
14-Sep u14B u14 6:00 PM Lakers 8 Vista Blue 2
21-Sep u14B VSP 7:35 PM Vista Blue 0 Celtics 0
22-Sep u14B RMS 1:20 PM Vista Red 4 Clippers 3
22-Sep u14B Ingold 3:30 PM Fallbrook T 2 Lakers 1
22-Sep u14B u14 4:20 PM Heat 1 Wizards 5
25-Sep u14B u14 6:45 PM Wizards 4 Clippers 0
29-Sep u14B u14 9:40 AM Lakers 2 Heat 2
29-Sep u14B u14 2:40 PM Celtics 6 Clippers 4
29-Sep u14B u14 6:00 PM Wizards 5 Fallbrook R 4
2-Oct u14B u14 6:45 PM Heat 0 Celtics 2
5-Oct u14B VSP 7:35 PM Vista Red 2 Wizards 1
6-Oct u14B u14 9:40 AM Celtics 2 Heat 1
6-Oct u14B u14 11:20 AM Clippers 8 Lakers 4
20-Oct u14B u14 8:00 AM Clippers 0 Wizards 9
20-Oct u14B u14 2:40 PM Celtics 4 Lakers 2
20-Oct u14B u14 6:00 PM Heat 1 Fallbrook T 1

Recreational Program

In San Marcos Youth Soccer we have recreational programs and  competitive programs.  Our primary program is recreational and we sometimes get questions to what that means exactly.  Well according to US Youth Soccer which is the goverening body for Cal South in which we are a member, it states:

recreational league” means an intraclub league in which—

(A) the use of tryouts, invitations, recruiting, or any similar process to roster players to any team on the basis of talent or ability is prohibited;

(B) the club administering the league accepts as participants in the league any     eligible youths (subject to reasonable terms on registration);

(C) a system or rostering players is used to establish a fair or balanced  distribution of playing talent among all teams participating; and

(D) league rules require that each player must play at least one-half of each game except for reasons of injury, illness, or discipline.

Spring Arena Rosters & Schedules Are Posted

All the rosters and schedules are now posted.  backofnet

To view the rosters, simply log in at the right of this page. Creating an account is easy and secure.

Click here to view the schedules, or go to Programs at the top of this page.

Thank you again for your patience, and we'll see you this weekend!

Fall Season

Games start August 22, 2015

  • Under-5 & Under-6: 
    Early Registration: $75.00 before May 31st
    Late Registration:  $95.00 after May 31st
  • Under-7 & UP: 
    Early Registration: $95.00, on or before May 31st
    Late Registration: $115.00, after May 31st
    $5 discount for the 2nd child 
    $10 discount for each child after the 2nd (3rd, 4th, 5th) 
    discount applies to registrations, on or before May 31st.
  • Practices begin the end of July
  • Games begin August 22nd 
  • Games are played 
    • on Saturdays 
    • in San Marcos 
    • on San Marcos fields
  • Registration Fees include:
  • 10 games minimum
  • Practices
  • Uniforms: Jersey, shorts and socks.
  • Picture Package
  • Yearbook
    • Participation Awards 
    • (u08 and below)

  • Awards for First & Second place teams (u10 - u14) 
  • U16 & U19 divisions will play in Presidio Recreation League


 Visit our new site at:



Revolution Soccer is… North County's fastest growing competitive soccer program designed for families with players that are ready to play soccer at the competitive level. We are a locally managed, ALL VOLUNTEER program comprised of hardworking, caring parents that put the best interest of the children first.

We strive to grow Revolution Soccer from within our own recreation program, San Marcos Youth Soccer (SMYS), and to develop each team as a unit from one season to the next.

Our Goal… is to be the competitive soccer program of choice for the families of San Marcos and the surrounding communities. We plan on accomplishing this goal by providing:

• Player Development at all levels of play 
• Positive Coaching Staff and Professional Trainers 

And by promoting: 

• Fair Play, Good Sportsmanship and Positive Attitudes in all players, coaches and fans 
• Team Play over Individual Play 
• Team Spirit, Loyalty and Continuity 
• Family Friendly Values

We believe that players become better by playing and not by sitting on the bench.  We do not take on players to fill a roster or to help subsidize star players.  Instead, our policy is that every player that is selected to a team shall get a minimum of 50% playing time througout the course of the season.  This is achieved by careful selection at tryouts and ensuring that every player receives the best training possible.

Our Revolution Policies and Procedures Manual outlines the year-round operations of our competitive program and is designed to provide a positive place for our young soccer players to develop their skills and their love for the game as well as providing guidance to our coaches and team managers. To view our policies and procedures, clik HERE.

Contact Kurtis Bullard at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information regarding the program and tryouts.


About Revolution Soccer

If Revolution Soccer sounds like it might be a good fit for your child and your family, here is some more information you should know about us...

  • All San Marcos Revolution coaches are VOLUNTEERS!  Our coaches go through the same rigorous training and have the same coaching licenses as a coach in any other league.  We feel that the best coaches do it for the love of the game and for the best interest of the KIDS - and that’s what we get with dedicated volunteer coaches.  While our coaches are not paid for their time, they are reimbursed for required training and certification to be a Cal South competitive coach.
  • San Marcos Revolution registration fees for the 2013-14 season was only $450, thanks to our volunteer coaches.  This base fee covers Presidio fees, CalSouth insurance, uniforms, referees, trainers, and various league costs.  Tournaments and team gear/apparel are paid for by the players and the cost will vary by team.  League and team fundraisers are common to help cover these extra costs.
  • San Marcos Revolution employs the services of professional trainers to work with coaches and players throughout the season.  Each team receives a set number of training sessions each season which are unique to the teams’ needs and targets areas in which improvement is needed.  We have been fortunate to have the head coach of the Mission Hills High School boys’ soccer team, Jacob English and his crew of trainers working with our players and coaches over the past three years. 
  • San Marcos Revolution has grown from 3 teams in our first season to 6 in our second, and to 14 in our third.  Five of our fourteen teams took first place in their respective divisions with ten of the fourteen finishing in the top four of their division.  Our .600 winning percentage was by far best among San Marcos clubs, including those who claim to use “professional” coaches.  We are extremely proud of our players and their coaches and we look forward to watching each team develop over the coming years.  Click HERE to see our club summary on the Presidio website.

YouTube Video Channel

Check out one of the many new SMYS Videos on the SMYS YouTube Channel.

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