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2014 Playoff Schedules

All Playoff Schedules are now posted at: smys.leaguetoolbox.com 


SMYS Playoff Guidelines 2014

Play Off Point System: Pool Play Games

  • Win = 6 points
  • Tie = 3 points
  • Shut-Out = 1 point (a 0-0 tie is not considered a shut-out)
  • Each Goal = 1 point (3 points max)
  • Four-Goal Differential = 1 point deduction
  • Eight-Goal Differential = 1 point deduction
  • Yellow Card = 1 point deduction for 2 yellow cards accumulated
  • Red Card = 1 point deduction for each red card (and player misses next game)
  • Tie Breakers:
    • Head to Head in Playoffs (if applicable)
    • Least Goals Allowed
    • Higher Seed

Length of game:

  • Pool Play and Finals:
    • U09 / U10: regulation time, 50 minutes
    • U12: regulation time, 60 minutes
    • U15: regulation time, 70 minutes

Tie Games:

  • Pool play:
    • No overtime or shoot-out – game can end in a tie.
  • Semi-Final and Finals:
    • Extra Time: Teams will play two (2) full five minute periods (not sudden victory). Free substitutions in all divisions are allowed in overtime periods.
    • Shots from the penalty mark: if score is still tied at the end of extra time:
      • Five players from each team will be chosen from the players on the field at the end of play to take shots from the mark – coach will provide player numbers to Asst Referee. The Goalkeeper must be a player on the field but does not need to be the goalkeeper at the end of extra time.
      • Teams will alternate shots
      • First team to shoot will be determined by a coin toss
      • Team with most goals after 5 kicks is determined the winner
      • If no winner is determined, teams will go to Round 2 with five new players that were on the field at the end of play. Round 2 is sudden victory. For u09 & u10 where only 8 players are on the field, players from round 1 can shoot again after all field players have taken a turn.
      • Spectators must remain in spectator area on touchline
      • Players from both teams will meet at center circle – shooters will wait outside of the circle in the direction of the goal being shot at.
      • Players not kicking and coaches shall gather at center circle




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