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Girls - U8

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Day Date Div Field Time Home Team Away Team
Sat 25-Aug u08G u08-1 9:30 AM Eagles Hawks
Sat 25-Aug u08G u08-1 12:30 PM Ravens Owls
Sat 25-Aug u08G u08-2 9:30 AM Seahawks Phoenix
Sat 25-Aug u08G u08-2 11:00 AM Cardinals Falcons
Sat 25-Aug u08G u08-2 2:00 PM Blue Jays Thunderbirds
Sat 15-Sep u08G u08-1 8:00 AM Hawks Ravens
Sat 15-Sep u08G u08-1 11:00 AM Eagles Blue Jays
Sat 15-Sep u08G u08-1 12:30 PM Owls Falcons
Sat 15-Sep u08G u08-2 11:00 AM Seahawks Thunderbirds
Sat 15-Sep u08G u08-2 12:30 PM Cardinals Phoenix
Sat 22-Sep u08G u08-1 9:30 AM Thunderbirds Hawks
Sat 22-Sep u08G u08-1 12:30 PM Seahawks Cardinals
Sat 22-Sep u08G u08-2 9:30 AM Falcons Ravens
Sat 22-Sep u08G u08-2 11:00 AM Blue Jays Phoenix
Sat 22-Sep u08G u08-2 2:00 PM Eagles Owls
Sat 29-Sep u08G u08-1 9:30 AM Phoenix Thunderbirds
Sat 29-Sep u08G u08-1 11:00 AM Cardinals Blue Jays
Sat 29-Sep u08G u08-1 2:00 PM Eagles Falcons
Sat 29-Sep u08G u08-2 11:00 AM Hawks Owls
Sat 29-Sep u08G u08-2 12:30 PM Ravens Seahawks
Sat 6-Oct u08G u08-1 8:00 AM Blue Jays Seahawks
Sat 6-Oct u08G u08-1 12:30 PM Thunderbirds Cardinals
Sat 6-Oct u08G u08-2 8:00 AM Falcons Hawks
Sat 6-Oct u08G u08-2 9:30 AM Owls Phoenix
Sat 6-Oct u08G u08-2 12:30 PM Ravens Eagles
Sat 13-Oct u08G u08-1 8:00 AM Falcons Blue Jays
Sat 13-Oct u08G u08-1 11:00 AM Phoenix Eagles
Sat 13-Oct u08G u08-2 8:00 AM Thunderbirds Owls
Sat 13-Oct u08G u08-2 11:00 AM Ravens Cardinals
Sat 13-Oct u08G u08-2 12:30 PM Hawks Seahawks
Sat 20-Oct u08G u08-1 9:30 AM Owls Cardinals
Sat 20-Oct u08G u08-1 2:00 PM Blue Jays Ravens
Sat 20-Oct u08G u08-2 9:30 AM Seahawks Eagles
Sat 20-Oct u08G u08-2 11:00 AM Phoenix Hawks
Sat 20-Oct u08G u08-2 2:00 PM Falcons Thunderbirds
Sat 27-Oct u08G u08-1 8:00 AM Phoenix Ravens
Sat 27-Oct u08G u08-1 12:30 PM Blue Jays Owls
Sat 27-Oct u08G u08-1 2:00 PM Seahawks Falcons
Sat 27-Oct u08G u08-2 9:30 AM Thunderbirds Eagles
Sat 27-Oct u08G u08-2 2:00 PM Cardinals Hawks
Sat 3-Nov u08G u08-1 9:30 AM Ravens Thunderbirds
Sat 3-Nov u08G u08-1 11:00 AM Owls Seahawks
Sat 3-Nov u08G u08-1 2:00 PM Falcons Phoenix
Sat 3-Nov u08G u08-2 8:00 AM Eagles Cardinals
Sat 3-Nov u08G u08-2 12:30 PM Hawks Blue Jays
Sat 17-Nov u08G u08-1 8:00 AM Cardinals Falcons
Sat 17-Nov u08G u08-1 10:30 AM Hawks Eagles
Sat 17-Nov u08G u08-1 1:00 PM Phoenix Seahawks
Sat 17-Nov u08G u08-1 9:15 AM Thunderbirds Blue Jays
Sat 17-Nov u08G u08-1 11:45 PM Owls Ravens




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